How to Choose Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

White flowers are arranged at the head of a wedding tableSummer can be the perfect season to celebrate your wedding. The sun is usually out longer, there’s lower risk of bad weather and traveling is easier. Of course, the warmer weather might get you worried about an important aspect of your special day: the flowers. If you plan to get married in the summer, there are some important considerations to be made when it comes to flowers. Here are a few of them:

Beware of Wilting

There are many types of flowers that will look pretty at first, but that will also wilt quickly in the heat and begin to lose petals. The ability to withstand high temperatures will be an important trait to keep in mind when searching for flowers. Such plants include, but are not limited to roses, carnations, any tropical or air plant, succulents, sunflowers, orchids and dahlias.

Use a Local Florist

There is a major weather difference between summer in, say, Vermont and summer in the heart of Texas. A local florist will be able to tell you which flowers are in season, which can withstand the heat they’re likely to experience. This will also allow you to speak in person with the florist to go over which flowers will be placed outside and which will be indoors, as well as which ones will need a water source.

Use Water When Possible

It’s no secret that flowers last longer in water and that is even more true the higher the temperature goes. You can keep flowers that you’ll be holding, such as the bouquet, in water when they’re not in use. It’s also wise to spray any outdoor arrangements with a water bottle every once in a while to ensure they remain in the best shape possible.

Don’t Forget the Boutonnieres

While you’re planning for the venue and the bridal party, don’t overlook the simple, but essential aspect of the groom and groomsmen outfits: the boutonnieres. The classic white rose boutonniere goes well with the classic light color palette of a summer wedding.

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