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3 Tips for Preserving Your Summer Bouquets

Soon we’re going to start to see more fall perennials included in different flower arrangements. That means we’ll have to say “see you soon” to some of our favorite summer flowers. Because we know it can be hard to wait a year to see your favorite summer florals again, we thought of how you can still enjoy your flowers all year long. 

Check out the many ways to preserve your favorite flowers, and hold onto them forever: 

Drying Flowers

Pressing Your Flowers

Pressing your flowers allows you to get creative with florals. First, select as many flowers as you’d like, and spread them out on clean parchment paper. Once the flowers are laid out, place the parchment paper with the flowers folded into them, under a heavy object such as a textbook. If you need to add more weight, don’t be afraid to add more books or heavier objects on top of your textbook. 

Leave your flowers drying for seven to 10 days. Then, carefully remove the parchment paper and style your flowers how you wish. Most people will arrange their flowers in a frame. 

Dry Out Your Bouquet 

Another great way to preserve your summer flowers is to let the air dry. Air drying is a simple process that doesn’t take much effort. All you need to do is gather up the stems of your flowers and tie them tightly together. Then, hang the flowers upside down in a dry area, your closet will most likely be a good area. Leave them hanging for a few weeks until they are fully dried. 

Use Silica Gel 

Silica gel can be purchased online or from any local craft store. Once the gel meets the flowers, it will draw the moisture out, causing them to dry. The silica gel will preserve flowers true to their original form. 

Get Ready to Send Your Next Bouquet 

Now that you know that flowers can last forever send a bouquet to one of your loved ones and encourage them to preserve it just like you have. At Dallas House of Flowers, you can shop from dozens of beautiful arrangements. Do you have any questions? Give us a call today at 214-339-1612 or 800-873-0917

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