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The Best Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Besides for the food, your centerpiece will be one of the most important items on your Thanksgiving table. The best Thanksgiving centerpieces create a festive atmosphere and blend well with your holiday décor. Here we discuss the best flowers you should use for your Thanksgiving centerpiece:


fall centerpiece on thanksgiving table

Chrysanthemums, or “mums” for short, are originally a tropical plant. Nevertheless, they often make an appearance on many Thanksgiving dining tables. These flowers look great either freshly cut or dried out. Plus, they often come in fall colors, including red, yellow, and bronze.

Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian lilies are extremely festive and come in a wide variety of colors. As a result, they’ll fit right in on your Thanksgiving table. And added bonus is that Peruvian lilies are one of the few lilies that are not toxic to cats or dogs. So, if one of your four-legged friends has a habit of getting up on your Thanksgiving table, you can rest easy knowing that your centerpiece will cause them no harm.


Sunflowers are the most popular kind of fall flower. They’re also extremely recognizable. These bright, sunny flowers will create a positive atmosphere at your table that everyone is sure to enjoy. Plus, they can be added to any fall centerpiece, casual or formal.


If you’re truly stumped, then you can always turn to carnations. This classic flower can be found in a wide variety of colors—it’s why they’re used in so many centerpieces for so many occasions.

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Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Tips

A floral arrangement is a great option for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to know where to start with it. What flowers should you include? What colors? What accents? Here we provide a few tips to help you better choose your Thanksgiving flower arrangement. Mix and match your textures Make your flower… Continue Reading