Tips for Writing Sympathy Flower Card Messages

Sympathy Flowers Dallas TexasPicture this: you’ve chosen some sympathy flowers from Dallas House of Flowers. Now, it’s time to write a note of condolence to accompany them. For many people, this is a nerve-racking process, but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are some tips for sympathy flower card messages:

Keep it simple

In most cases, the simplest messages are the best. Try: “With deepest sympathy” or “You are in our thoughts.” Particularly if you didn’t know the deceased well, there’s no need to say too much. Other simple messages that work well: “With heartfelt condolences” and “With loving thoughts of [name of deceased.]” If you knew the deceased personally, you could add a line or two sharing your memories.

Religion can be comforting

If you know that the mourners would find it comforting, you can write something like, “May God be with you in this time of sorrow.” However, if you don’t know them well, avoid making assumptions about their faith.

Be sensitive

Avoid writing things like “I know what you must be going through.” Everyone experiences grief differently, so you don’t really know what the mourners are going through, even if you’ve lost a loved one yourself. You also run the risk of sounding like you’re minimizing the pain the mourners are experiencing.

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  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing them up here. Writing sympathy cards can always be a challenge especially if the person you’re writing to has lost someone close. Telling them that your prayers are with them, their family and the soul of the departed so that it may rest in peace is a apt way of putting it. Flowers sent along with the note too must be sympathy flowers.

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