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The Top 3 Plant Care Apps to Keep Your Plants Alive

When you buy a plant for your home or office, you want to keep it alive for as long as possible. However, not all of us were born with a green thumb. If you notice that most of your plants begin to wilt after only a few weeks, you may need the help of these plant care apps:

Planta: Free on iOS, Subscription OptionalHands holding and caring a green young plant

If you want all-around plant care guidance, Planta is the way to go. Planta is one of the most popular plant care apps in the app store, and for good reason. It includes water reminders, plant journals, and more. It will even recommend which plants you should buy based on your experience. After downloading the app, simply snap a picture of your plant and Planta will give you all the information you need. While there is a free version, it is limited. If you want all the perks, you’ll need to buy a monthly subscription.

Blossom: Free on iOS, Subscription Optional

Created and run by The Spruce, Blossom can identify plants based on your picture and give you a detailed care guide to help you keep your plant alive. Another benefit of Blossom is that it can identify and diagnose problems with your plant. Simply snap a photo of the problem areas and Blossom will tell you exactly what is wrong with your plant and how to correct it. Blossom will also remind you when to water, fertilize, and repot your plants. While it is free to download, it also offers a monthly and yearly subscription.

PictureThis: Free on iOS and Android, Subscription Optional

If you’re on Android, you’ll likely want an app you can use, too. PictureThis has you covered. Similar to Blossom and Planta, it can identify plants based on a picture and provide a corresponding plant guide. The app’s true strength, however, lies in its diagnostic abilities. It offers an AI that can diagnose your sick plants. You can also turn to there a community forum to get other questions answered. Its gold membership offers customized advice from real-life plant experts, while its premium tier offers three additional pieces of customized advice.

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