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Power of Giving Flowers

When we receive flowers, we tend to focus on the visual appeal the flowers have, but did you know that flowers have a positive impact on our mood and overall attitude toward life and the relationships we establish?Power of Giving Flowers

Researchers have discovered flowers actually induce real positive emotions.

They conducted research where they set out to measure flowers effect on immediate and long term mood changes. To test this, they gathered 147 participants and compared the immediate and long-term emotional behavior of people who received floral bouquets to the behavior of those who were given non floral gifts. What they learned was people responded better overall to flowers compared to other gifts such as a gift basket or candle. Flowers improved the mood of someone not just at the moment of first receiving them, but long afterwards as well.

Another study demonstrated that when both men and women were presented with flowers, they were more likely to smile and stand at a social distance rather than at an impersonal distance.

These studies show that the presentation of flowers released a strong and immediate behavior reflecting positive affect. Now we understand why giving someone a flower is always a good decision! So the next time you send a loved one flowers, its doing more than just celebrating a special occasion!

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