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Why Do We Give Flowers?: The History of Flower Giving

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, their graduation, or just a normal Wednesday evening, giving flowers is one of the most common ways to show someone that we care. But where did the act of flower giving come from? Here we go through the history of flower giving, stretching back all the way to Ancient Greece.

A gift to (and from) the godsWhy Do We Give Flowers? The History of Flower Giving

The language of flowers extends back to ancient times. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians all used flowers in myths and stories where they symbolized emotions or acts. It was the Ancient Greeks, however, who dedicated their flowers to the gods and created wreaths to crown people of importance (such as victors at the Olympic Games).

From the Middle Ages to the Victorians

People began to give flowers to one another starting in the Middle Ages, but it wasn’t a widespread practice. It gradually began to grow in popularity in the mid-1700s when Europeans traveled to Turkey and brought back with them the Turkish language of flowers. By the Victorian age, flower giving was commonplace, and people often used it to express their feelings to one another.

The modern day

We’ve continued the Victorian tradition of flower giving into the modern day. While we mainly give flowers for holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, they are also used for happy and sad occasions such as a graduation or a death in the family. Sometimes, we even give flowers for no particular reason other than to make someone we love smile.

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