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4 Tips for the Best Christmas Flower Arrangement

‘Tis the season for love, presents, and, of course, flower arrangements. One of the most popular ways for people to decorate their homes for the holidays is through a Christmas flower arrangement. However, if you’re struggling to figure out what exactly your flower arrangement should look like, then you’re certainly not alone.

Read on to learn some tips on how best to arrange your Christmas flowers this season:

4 Tips for the Best Christmas Flower Arrangement

Be festive with whites and reds

The typical Christmas colors are whites and reds. In that respect, it’s best to choose flowers that fit this description. Red roses, white carnations, or even the multi-colored amaryllis are all excellent options for your Christmas flower arrangement.

Incorporate greenery and other plants

Once you have your flowers, you’ll want to complement them with some Christmas greenery to truly make a good impression. Hollies, mistletoe, red berries, acorns, and pines are all excellent options to use as accents for your arrangement.

Add in some candles

Candles can create a cozy winter atmosphere while filling your room with calming scents. Arrange your flowers around one or more candles, making sure that the flowers don’t get too close to prevent them from getting singed.

Be sure to keep them fresh

The best Christmas flower arrangements are the ones that stay fresh the longest. In order to accomplish this, cut the stems of your flowers at an angle and replace the water every few days.

Another way to get the best Christmas flower arrangement possible is to get some advice from your local florist. At Dallas House of Flowers, we have plenty of Christmas flower arrangements that can truly make your home festive. Give us a call at 800-873-0917 to learn more.

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