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When to Bring Your Potted Plants Indoors

Fall is upon us, and that means shorter days, brisk winds, and cooler nights. While many of us enjoy the fall months, our potted plants do not. As such, you’ll need to bring your plants indoors before the temperatures dip too low. But when exactly should you bring your plants inside? Read on to learn more:

When temperatures dip below 55 to 60 F

person handling indoor potted plants

As a general rule of thumb, you should bring your plants indoors once nighttime temperatures start to dip below 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. While some plants can handle temperatures colder than 45 degrees, you don’t want to risk it. Once those nighttime temperatures start to drop, chances are that frost will develop, and frost will easily kill your potted plants.

Start the process gradually

Many plant owners think that they should bring their plants inside and keep them inside on the first night temperatures dip below 60 degrees. However, this is a mistake. Plants need to adjust to new environments. If the change is made too rapidly, they will easily wilt and die. As such, you should start by bringing your plants in only during the night and then bringing them back out during the day. Decrease the amount of time they spend outside during the daytime each day until your plants are inside 24/7.

Don’t forget to make a nice home inside

Once you start bringing your plants inside, they’ll need a proper home. We recommend placing them near a south- or east-facing window so that they get as much sunlight as possible. If you don’t have an available window, then consider investing in a sunlight. You should also ensure that your plants are pest-free before you bring them inside. To help get rid of pests, you can try soaking your plants in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes.

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