The Best Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you want to make sure your mom knows how much you appreciate her. A bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to show your love, but with so many different options and flowers, it’s hard to figure out which is the right one for your mom. Thankfully, we’ve put together this handy list to help you pick the best flowers for your mom.

CarnationsThe Best Flowers to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day

These are the flowers that started it all. In 1907, Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, sent 500 white carnations to every mother in her congregation on the anniversary of her own mother’s death. The trend caught on, and carnations are still a great flower to send to our moms to this day. While you can always send the original white carnation, you can also try pink carnations which specifically represent a mother’s love.


The classic flower, roses are always a safe bet. But you don’t always have to pick the staple red rose. Roses come in different colors, and they mean different things. A red rose is a symbol of love; the pink rose a symbol of admiration; a yellow rose a symbol of happiness; and a white rose a symbol of purity. Pick whichever one represents your mom the best.


Symbolizing “perfect love,” tulips are a popular flower and a great choice to send to mom. Like roses, though, each color has its own special meaning. Pink tulips, which represent happiness, or yellow tulips, which represent cheerfulness, will be the best.


These majestic flowers are often associated with Greek mythology. They are also the May birth flower. However, there are many different types of lilies, so be sure to pick the right ones. We’d recommend Peruvian lilies which represent friendship, Casablanca lilies which represent celebration, or stargazer lilies which represent enthusiasm.


Not the most common flower for Mother’s Day, peonies are nevertheless a great and beautiful choice. Peonies represent healing, as well as honor and richness. They also grow quite large, so they’ll make a great centerpiece!

Now that you’ve decided which flowers are best for your bouquet, it’s time to order one. Here at Dallas House of Flowers, we have plenty of Mother’s Day bouquets that your mom is sure to love.

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