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Where Did Flowers Come From?

History of FlowersJust like us, Charles Darwin loved flowers. However, their origin was unclear to him—so obscure, in fact, that he referred to flowers as “an abominable mystery.” Flowering plants make up the majority of plants that we eat, as well as the majority of plants we use for decoration.

We do have some idea where flowers come from.

They are most closely related to plants that are flowerless but that do produce seeds, like gingkos and pine trees. However, any that might document the early stages of flowers’ emergence are long extinct. Scientists have found mysterious fossils of plants with seed pods that look a lot like flowers, but these fossils are too fragmented to be conclusive.

In addition, nobody knows exactly how old flowers are.

The first evidence of flowering plants in the fossil record is from 136 million years ago. These flowers probably looked nothing like the bold blooms we know from today, however. Most were small and rare, probably survived in the shade of larger plants.

Some scientists believe that around 121 million years ago there was a great diversification among flowering plants, as well as the animal species that eat and pollinate them. However, some studies based on molecular dating rather than fossil studies suggest that flowering plants may be even older.

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