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How To Extend the Life of Your Bouquet

Whether you received a bouquet of flowers as a gift or buy them yourself, you’re going to want to ensure they last as long as possible. After all, you want them to continue to brighten your home for a long time.

Unfortunately, bouquets do not last forever and will eventually wilt. But with a few simple actions, you can prolong the life of the flowers a little while. Here are a few steps to take if you’re interested in a longer life for your bouquet:

Put Them in A Clean Vase

The vase you put your flowers in should be clean enough for you to drink out of and the water should be fresh. You’re going to want the cut stem end of the flowers to be as clean as possible at all times to avoid it attracting any bacteria that could harm your flowers.

Recut the Stems

Recutting the stems will allow the flower to better hydrate, particularly if you cut them at an angle. If you submerge the end of the stem when you cut it, it will pull water up to the flower. Additionally, this helps stems remove bacteria which can clog things up, making it difficult for the flower to hydrate.

Remove Leaves Below the Water Line

When flowers are cut and placed in a bouquet, they are no longer a living organism. This means they are susceptible to being infiltrated by bacteria, which like to breed in moist places. Removing any leaves that are below the water line gives bacteria one fewer place to infest the bouquet.

Place in A Cool Location

Now that your flowers are no longer alive, they don’t need sunlight. In fact, sunlight can now be a detriment to keeping them fresher for a long time. They should be place in a cool spot to ensure they stay fresh for as long of a time as possible.

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