How to Make Your Flower Bouquet Last

Once you receive a beautiful flower bouquet, you usually want to keep it around for a long time. Unfortunately, flowers can’t last forever, but if cared for properly, there are ways to extend their life. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can do to keep your flowers growing strong and lasting longer!

Preserve Your Bouquet

Water and Feed Regularly

Your flowers can’t survive without water, so it’s important to keep your bouquet hydrated. It’s recommended to change the water in your vase every two to three days. The water you give your flowers should be room-temperature and free from any debris. When changing the water, you should also use this time to clean the vase and add more plant food! Make sure your plant food is mixed in completely so that the water isn’t too diluted or concentrated.

Trim The Stems

After you’re finished adding clean water, you should cut the stems of your flowers! Using a sharp knife, cut your stems on a slight 45-degree angle, so they can absorb more water. Ideally, you should remove about an inch from the bottom of the stem. The stems should be cut every time you change the water.

Prune Dead Flowers

As you trim your stems, you should continue to remove any leaves that fall below the water line. If a leaf spends too much time under the water, it can start to grow bacteria. Bacteria growth can prevent the stems from absorbing water, causing them to die more quickly.

You should also check your flowers daily for any dead flowers. Once a flower has died, it begins to release an odor less gas called ethylene. This gas is harmful to other living flowers and causes them to age earlier than usual. Fresh fruit also emits ethylene, so avoid placing fresh flowers near ripening fruit.

Display Flowers in a Cool Area

Your flowers will thrive the most when kept in a room with cooler temperatures and away from direct sunlight. Also, keep your bouquets away from any heating or cooling vents, ceiling fans, and radiators. All these systems can cause your bouquets to dry out.

Now that you know how to extend the lifetime of your flowers you’re ready to order your perfect floral bouquet! Contact Dallas House of Flowers today at 800-873-0917 to order a high-quality bouquet filled with unique colors and shapes.

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