5 Summertime Flowers to Incorporate into Your Next Bouquet

We’re right in the middle of the summer season, and there is no better way to share your excitement than giving an arrangement filled with summertime flowers. During the summer season, you can find floral arrangements that are filled with beautiful bright colors and sweet scents.

Let’s take a look at some examples of flowers you should be incorporating:


Fresh, purple, lavender is referred to as a summer-blooming flower. Lavender has silvery, eye-catching foliage, along with a bright purple color. The smell of a fresh lavender flower can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and headaches. Send a bouquet with lavender to your friends to help promote good health and well-being.


These beautifully colored flowers often resemble roses or peonies. Their tall stems and ruffled petals make them the perfect addition to any table centerpiece. Not to mention, they are known to have a longer vase life than other flowers. If you need the perfect bouquet filled with Ranunculus flowers, check out our Abundant Array Arrangement.

Calla Lily

The Calla Lily is a unique vase-shaped flower that ranges in colors from purple and pink to white and even nearly black! They enjoy growing in a full sun area, but bright, indirect light is ideal for them to grow. Calla lilies are typically planted any time between February and June. Then they will begin to bloom about eight weeks after planting. An arrangement of Calla Lilies makes for the perfect centerpiece for a special occasion! 


These sweetly scented blooms tend to arrive in late May to early June, making them an excellent summertime flower. With the right care, these flowers will grow beautifully and can last for quite a while. A bouquet with Peonies at your event will be sure to impress your guests. 


Early bloomers for Chrysanthemums often begin flowering in late July, and early fall bloomers will tend to start opening up in September. Each mum differs, but they will continue to bloom for four to eight weeks. Mums come in almost every color you can imagine, making them the perfect pops of colors to incorporate into a bouquet, just like our Happy Blooms Basket

Make summer last this year by sending an arrangement of beautifully bloomed flowers to your loved ones! At Dallas House of Flowers, browse through our collection of flowers for all occasions. If you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 1-800-873-0917

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